Goldsmiths ‘Timetabling Reports Dashboard’

Operational reports have been developed by IT & Information Services. These reports complement the timetable information already provided via the SWS Online Timetables.

  1. Activity List by Building, Date and Time (including ‘What’s happening NOW’)
  2. Location Free Busy Master
  3. Student Activity Week by Week (Also Programme, Module and Staff)
  4. Day/Time Heatmap by Department
  5. Student Clash Report
  6. Classlists (Register) Report

Activity List by Building, Date & Time (2023-24)

Useful for reception / security staff and general enquiries. Provides a list of activities sorted by Date and Start Time. Can be exported into Excel.

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(also a 'NOW' option)


Location Free / Busy Master (2023-24)

Useful overview to identify free rooms at short notice, or to help students booking departmental rooms for study space.

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Can sort by room name or capacity

Student Activity Week by Week (2023-24)

Useful for personal tutors or student services, if a student’s timetable changes a lot over the term (e.g. Design).

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This format is also available for Programme, Module and Staff Week by Week.

Day / TimeHeat Map by Department (2023-24)

Shows the most popular timeslots used by both academic and professional services departments, across a range of weeks. Will help during timetable planning to identify peak demand. A list of the activities can also be provided.

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Student Clash Report

Can be found at:

This report was written by the Computing Department.

Classlists (Registers)

Can be found at:

This report was written by the Computing Department.

Last year's timetables

Can be found at:
  • Department Timetables
  • Programme of Study Timetables
  • Module Timetables
  • Individual Staff and Student Timetables

(Grid and List format)

LAST YEAR at Goldsmiths Timetabling Reports

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